14-14 Sadie 14-14

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She has such a sweet personality and is so well mannered that she is a hit with everyone. Sadie has playdates with the neighbor children about once a week. They come over or we go across the street to their house for about a half an hour. They play fetch with her, make sure she has plenty of water, or just relax under a tree reading. Also she has playdates with cousins Kierra (a boxer), & Hennesey (a yellow lab). They also have fun playing fetch or just hanging out. She is really getting in shape too. We walk every day & I think she has lost about 3-4 lbs. When I first got her, Sadie had a hard time walking very far as she would get really winded. But now she is walking about 1-2 miles & will even trot a little. She is perfect & couldn’t have asked for a better companion!! Thanks to GRRIN, she is my furever friend!

14-14 Sadie Collage