14-15 Jake 14-15

Adopted by:
Patty and John

This is Jake reporting in! Just like the dog on the t-shirt, “Life is Good!”  I wasn’t sure what to expect after my first human went to Hospice. I stayed a few months with a family known by my vet, but it wasn’t working out so well.  They called GRRIN, and Jeff and Cherie took me home for a few days.  They let me know things can be better. After a vet visit a new family took me home for foster care.  Patty and John really seemed to like me.  They have another older golden named Maddie who is the queen of the house.  One day we all went for a walk.  John and I went faster and circled around to meet Patty and Maddie.  When Maddie trotted up to me with her tail wagging to touch my nose, the humans smiled.  It looked like “the queen” approved of me, too.  I was home to stay!  There’s a lot to do around here.  I’m trying to teach the squirrels this is my yard now.  I have my favorite sniffing places to check on our walks, and John and I go out to find stray tennis balls near the tennis center.  (I think the house looks a lot better when there are balls in every room.)  John says he doesn’t need an alarm clock now since I’m tall enough to put my head on his shoulder and snuggle into his neck for a morning wake-up call.  I’m happy to show my love to new people and neighbors with a “big dog lean.” It’s all good, and I’m a happy boy.  But back to those squirrels…

Patty (and John)

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