14-23 Bailee 14-23

Adopted by:
Lance & Jennifer S

Hi, guys!  I’m Bailee.  I am so grateful to all the wonderful people at GRRIN for finding me the perfect furever family.  When my family decided they wanted to get a dog they initially thought they wanted a younger dog.  Then, they met me and it was love at first sight…I can understand why, I am pretty adorable!    Everyone says I act a lot younger than five because I have no problem keeping up with dogs half my age.  My new favorite game is fetch and I love to play it at the off-leash park until the sun goes down or longer.  My family has nicknamed me the “Dragon Slayer” because I love to shake my toy dragons until they squeak for mercy.  I also love to eat, I actually think I may be a contender for the title of “World’s Fastest Eater”.   What was that?  It’s dinnertime!  Gotta go!  Bye guys!

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