14-24 Rocky 14-24

Adopted by:
Jim and Mary Jane

Hi from Rocky!  I am so happy hanging out with my new family. I have lots of grandchildren who play with me and I adore them. My life has been very interesting. I was born with part of my front paw missing. It is really deformed but that does not stop me from running in the yard and playing. The only thing is that because I have to hop everywhere, I do get tired more easily than most dogs my age and I cannot walk very far at a time. I am only fifteen months old. So, let me tell you about my life. I was living with a family who took very, very good care of me, but they worked all day and were pretty busy with life so I spent a lot of time in a crate. Don’t get me wrong, when I was out of my crate my family loved me very much and played with me as much as they could. They decided that the best thing for me would be to go to GRRIN and then see if there was a family who would like me to be their very own. Well, lucky me ….. I found one!!!!!!  We are having so much fun together and I go with them where ever they go. We are on the road a lot but it is great!! They are checking into the possibility of getting a prosthetic foot for me. We have to go to Denver for that but hey ….. road trip!!! So, thank you GRRIN for helping me find my new home. Love, ROCKY

14-24 Rocky 2