14-27 Kiko 14-27

Adopted by:
Don and Patricia R

Greetings here from me, Kiko! It’s been 4 months since GRRIN sent me to live in my new home and it’s been great! I have a lot of room to run at my new house and I love to play with my brother, Rafa, in the yard. We play a lot of games of tag (he chases me while I chase my ball). We are pretty much inseparable. Dad is home all day with us and I love the attention and try to cuddle with him as much as I can. Mom takes me and my brother for daily walks and we love to explore. I want to say thank you to my foster parents, Seth and Erika, and foster brothers, Bo and Shiloh, for getting me healthy and ready for adoption. And thanks to the wonderful folks at GRRIN who found me the best forever home ever!

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