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Hi, my name is Cali and I’m 6 years old. My foster mom Liz found me the perfect forever home. I was adopted by John & Deb on November 3, 2014. They said I was the best anniversary present they ever gave to each other! I was pretty shy and apprehensive about everything when I first arrived at my new forever home, but I’m adjusting pretty well. I have two human grandchildren, Kendall & Grady, and they are wonderful to me. Kendall just likes to pet me on my head and I take it all in. Grady, on the other hand, is 14 months old and thinks I’m a pillow—but that’s okay. He’s my buddy. Our neighbor has 4 boys and they fight over who’s going to pet me!! Needless to say, I’m in heaven!

When I first arrived I didn’t know how to play with anything. If you threw me a ball, I’d let it hit me in the face….but I’m learning. Deb says I’m a fast learner because within 5 days of being in my new home I learned 4 new tricks. I’m proud to say I can sit, shake, lay down, and crawl!   I also fetch the ball now (well, sometimes) and drop it on command. I still haven’t figured out what those pull-tug toys are all about, but we’re working on it. Deb says I’m a work in progress. Did I mention I love going on walks?

I keep hearing my new “parents” talking about a lake home in someplace called Minnesota and how anxious they are for me to be up there with them. Not sure what that’s all about, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough when the weather gets nicer. They keep mentioning something about swimming in a lake and playing with all the other neighbor dogs up north—sounds like fun! I’ll have to keep you posted.

John and Deb love the heck out of me, and tell me all the time that I’m such a sweetheart. I love taking nappy poos (aka: naps) with John on the weekends, and Deb likes practicing my tricks which are always followed with a treat. Every day I help John feed and water the squirrels and birds, and when Deb gets home from work, I walk her to the mailbox to get the mail. I know I’m rambling on, but I’m so happy and I thank God GRRIN was there for me to help me find my forever home.

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