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Adopted by:
Julie, Alex, and Emmy

(06/13/15) After all of the work she put in and all of the love, Rusty has decided to stay with his foster mom! Check back later to hear how Rusty is doing in his Happy Tail.

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(05/23/15) Rusty is putting more weight on his leg although still tends to put more weight on the opposite leg with any prolonged standing. Overall much better! He is walking well and playing short games of fetch without much trouble. He and Emmy are wrestling and playing again as well!

(03/29/15) Update: Rusty is doing well! He is off pain pills and is trying to chase rabbits again (although must be on leash when out so he’s just pulling his foster mom’s arm off instead of hurting his hip). They are doing therapy 1-2 times a day – range of motion to his hip, up and down 2 flights of steps, and a walk. He has started limping more ,which is mostly normal as he starts building up strength. He isn’t excited about using his leg when just standing, so he needs lots of cueing to put weight on it. Overall, though, things are getting along well! He is a lucky dog to have such dedicated foster parents.

(12/16/14) Update: Rusty is going to need surgery for a problem with his hip!  We’ll post more information soon about his procedure.  He’ll have several weeks of recovery and rehabilitation, but his foster home is up for the challenge and we are extremely grateful.

(12/12/14) Rusty is a happy, playful, polite golden. He has a passion for playing fetch, and he is very good at bringing the ball or toy back and dropping it so the game can continue. He gets along well with the other golden and the grade-school child in the home, and has settled in quickly to his foster home. Rusty comes when called and sits nicely. He has a wonderful temperament and is ready to be part of a family that will provide consistent/proper exercise, a desire to play fetch, and give golden hugs!

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