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Adopted by:
Bob & Linde B

Hi there, Blaize checking back in. Thanks to my Foster mom Michelle, Barb, and all the great folks at GRINN, I’ve found my furever home! Bob and Linde came to visit me in my foster home, and it was love at first sight. Bob and Linde have an older dog, Sophie, and once I moved in we became best buds. Sophie had been a little lonely after her brother Rocky died, but I’m making her feel so happy again! I have lots of energy and love to go for walks with Bob and chase tennis balls in the huge backyard. I am teaching Bob and Linde to spoil me, and how to snuggle properly. They’re learning quickly.  ‘ll have my new furever family whipped into shape in no time! I’d love to tell you more but it’s time for another long walk! Thanks again GRRIN for giving me this happy ending!

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Blaize 14-32