14-36 Ginger 14-36

Adopted by:
Tim & Konda

Hi, My name is Ginger and here is my story.

I am 11 years old but I just don’t feel that old. I feel like I am 2 or 3 with a lot of energy most of the time. I have been in a foster home for about 5 months with my foster Mom and Dad helping me to learn to be an inside dog, like going to the bathroom in the right place, using some indoor manners, AND getting my seizures under control. They have been so patient with me and at times, I have been a challenge. I feel so comfortable here with them and their 2 resident dogs, Georgia and Daisy. They treat me like family. I have made it my job to keep the yard free of rabbits and squirrels, which is a full time job for me and I seem to be the only one who cares, but I REALLY do. My Mom has even had to guide me into the house for bed at night as I just can’t let down my guard.

I have done such a good job and they must appreciate it, because they have just decided that I should stay here forever. I am so thankful to Tim, Konda, Georgia, and Daisy for their love and patience with me in making me a great dog with a great story. Now I have to go and keep watch for those pesky critters outside. Thanks, GRRIN, for finding me a forever home!!!

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