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Greetings everyone! My name is Max and I have a special story to tell you. I’m 15-years-young and a couple months ago, found myself needing to find a new home. Luckily, some nice people at GRRIN came to pick me up and I got to go stay with Danielle. She was a great foster mom, but I got lonely during the day while she was at work. I used to live in a college dorm so I was used to a lot of activity. Danielle didn’t like me being lonely, so she let me move to Seth and Erika’s house where I now live with their two Golden boys, Shiloh and Bo.

I’ve been quick to learn the daily schedule, which includes going to my foster grandparent’s house for doggy daycare while Seth and Erika are at work. I love riding in the car to get there, and when I’m at their house, I get to play with another Golden named Daisy and get lots of attention, belly rubs and chin scratches! I’m learning how the other dogs like to play, but I’m not a fan of wrestling, so I like to sit on the sidelines and watch!

As I said, I’m 15, but everyone keeps telling me that I don’t act my age. I like to chase tennis balls and run around with my foster brothers in the backyard. Sometimes I do get a little tired, but I get some medicine that makes my joints feel much better and keeps me spry. A couple weeks ago I went and visited a nice doctor who said I’m very healthy for my age, but I did have a couple teeth that were bothering me, so those have been removed and I’m enjoying crunchy treats again!

I’m loving this new life with Seth and Erika and they said I fit in so well with Shiloh and Bo that they’re going to keep me as their “furever” foster so I never have to worry about finding another home again. Along with the wonderful people at GRRIN, they’re going to give me everything I need to stay happy and healthy. I think I hit the jackpot when I came to GRRIN and I’m looking forward to spending my “Golden” years here!

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