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Bogie has been adopted!! Stay tuned for Bogey’s Happy Tail.

Bogie’s back! We have a saying, “Once a GRRIN dog, always a GRRIN dog,” and we mean it. When Bogie’s owner could no longer provide the detailed care he needed, GRRIN volunteers were able to step in immediately.

Bogie first entered GRRIN in 2015 when his owner could not physically care for a dog with paralysis (his original story is below). Upon re-entering GRRIN, Bogie stayed at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital while GRRIN sent out a plea for a foster family that could manage the bladder expression needed for his incontinence. Unfortunately, it was determined that Bogie had an infection and needed specialized care. He has since moved to VCA Midwest Veterinary Hospital where he is healing so he can have a surgical procedure that will allow a future caregiver to more easily empty his bladder. In the meantime, Bogie is absolutely loving the attention he’s getting from the veterinary staff and visiting GRRIN volunteers.

We need to give a big THANK YOU to Woof & Whiskers for making a donation to help pay for Bogie’s care at Gentle Doctor and an anonymous donor who has helped pay for care at VCA! Finally, Woof & Whiskers is holding a fundraiser called Bones for Bogie – learn more at https://www.facebook.com/events/2312609308955514/.

Bogie's birthday adoptionBogie’s first journey with GRRIN:

(03/15/16) The GRRIN adoption team has been working to share Bogie’s story.  Please read his updated bio – even if he’s not the dog for you, we ask you to spread the word about this amazing boy!

(01/11/16) Bogie started therapy in December at Five Elements Veterinary Alternatives here in Omaha with Dr. Michele Eckermann, DVM, CCRT who also is kindly fostering Bogie in her home. He goes to work with Dr. Michele every Tuesday and Thursday where he is receiving Acupuncture and Chiropractic adjustments which are intended to help his back, bladder and bowel weakness in addition to improving his overall physical well being. He is being treated with a Tens Unit, which stimulates the muscles in his leg to contract, thus strengthening them. He is receiving daily Range of Motion exercises administered by Dr. Michele. Bogie is taking an herbal medication to help the weakness in Bogie’s back, bowel, and bladder. He also takes protein supplements. When visiting Bogie’s rehabilitation therapy you might observe him racing around the room chasing his ball and playing, but he is also working very hard. Dr. Michele has very structured exercises where she is re-teaching him to sit correctly and squarely. This, also will help to build the muscles in his hips and hind legs. Also, he is able to go up and down several steps at Dr. Michele’s house!

Bogie is doing very well with this Rehabilitation Therapy and loves the attention! He is truly a wonderful, gentle golden!

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Want to see Bogie in action? Check out this video of him working on his sitting skills:

Watch more videos of Bogie on the GRRIN vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/grrin


(10/10/15) Hi! My name is Bogie and I am a very special three year old golden retriever. Several months ago, I was diagnosed with (suspected) fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE) on an MRI of my lumbar spine. I spent four months at Iowa State University for medical observation and rehabilitation therapy. This condition has left me with severely weakened hind legs and I need help getting into a car but not out of a car! I am able to jump right out. It is just that my back legs really do not work very well at all so most of my strength is in my front legs. Also, I would need to be in a home that does not require me to go up and down a lot of steps because I need help going up especially. I can handle a few, just not several. Don’t let this fool you though. I am able to run and play with the other dogs in my foster home and I have even been known to wander off out of my yard and into the neighbor’s. My foster mom says that she thinks that I am getting a little stronger and this is likely due to my romping and playing with the resident dog.
I am unable to empty my bladder without my bladder being manually expressed. This is done by pushing on either side of my bladder while saying “let’s go potty”. I relax my muscles and am very good at doing this on command! This needs to be done at least three times a day to keep my bladder and kidneys healthy. I also can wear a belly band which is a narrow band that fits around my tummy and contains a baby diaper which will catch any leaks that I may have. I do not leak unless my bladder is very full or if I am super excited meeting a new human. This is why it is best to simply express my bladder when convenient. My bowel issues are a bit different. I am not able to control them and will drop stool sometimes. My foster mom who is a veterinarian says that my stool is firm and has not been a problem. It is recommended that if I am on a low residue dog food that will help to keep my stool firm. Anyway, enough about my stool!!!
EVERYONE who meets me says that I am the friendliest dog they have ever met! I just love people and it shows. Here is what Joanna, my Rehabilitation therapist at Iowa State said about me: “Bogie is truly a wonderful, quiet, loving boy. He loves all people and other dogs. Bogie would be an amazing dog, especially for a person who works from home or is home frequently. He would also be great in an active retired household. Bogie would benefit from continued therapy at home such as passive range of motion of the rear limbs and regular walks.”
I know this sounds like something that many people are afraid to take on but if you have the desire to spend your life with one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet would you consider meeting me? I just want to be with my human, sitting by your side, loving you. Please think about adopting me and giving me a permanent home. My foster home is wonderful and my foster mom is a loving mom but she is at work all day and I really want to be with humans. The good people at Golden Retriever Rescue of Nebraska (GRRIN) are helping me find a home so if you want to meet me please give them a call at 402-330-6680 or email them at info@grrin.org.

(05/29/15) Bogie here with an update! I’ve been in my GRRIN foster home for one month and my foster mom says that I am ready to start meeting families. She is a veterinarian and has been working to evaluate my needs so I can go to the best new forever home.

I’ve been told I have a very calm and loving temperament, plus I get along with everybody.  Don’t let the weakness in my back legs fool you, I have managed to surprise a few GRRIN volunteers by moving a little faster and farther than they expected! The perfect home for me would have only one step outside and a family that can be with me most of the time.  I’m a happy, goofy Golden despite my challenges.

Please contact GRRIN if you would like to learn more about me!

(04/30/15) Hi! My name is Bogie, and I am a very special boy. Five months ago, I was diagnosed with a condition that almost left me paralyzed, but I have been working hard with the wonderful people at Iowa State University, and I have continued to get stronger! I am able to rise, stand, and walk, but I will probably always have a bit of weakness in my back legs. I am looking for a loving home that will be able to give me the love and support that I will need. Many members of the ISU staff have said that I am their favorite dog, and I know they miss me, but I am excited to find a loving, supportive forever home! Stay tuned to learn more about me and my story.

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