15-05 Dan 15-05

Adopted by:
Brighton Gardens

Hi, this is Dan letting you know that the folks at GRRIN finally found the perfect home for me.  I loved living with Dick and Judy and their Goldens Brody and Ginger, but my separation anxiety made it hard for them to go places away from home.  I’m also afraid of storms, and need someone to keep me company when there is lightning and especially thunder.  I’m so happy to have been adopted by Brighton Gardens of Omaha, a wonderful place where there are lots of people to love me and be with me all the time.  I even have my own automatic door to the courtyard, where I can play with a dog who lives in an assisted living apartment.  It’s a great place, and I want to thank GRRIN for finding it for me.  Gotta make my rounds now.  See ya!

Gold Rush 2015 - Dan