15-07 Lucy 15-07

Adopted by:
Anthony, Jessica and Sutton

Hi again! Remember me? Lucy! I have the perfect new home now. I have a mom and dad, Anthony and Jessica. I even have a little human sister named Sutton. My new furry friend is named Lacey. We play great. She even shares her toys with me. I have learned to play fetch with a special orange bone. That gets my old bones up and moving. The more I move, the better I feel!

I love to go on walks. As soon as I see my harness come out, I am ready to go! I have met the neighbor kids. They are fun to play with too. They even come over and ask if I can come out to play! That makes me feel really special.

I am in the best place I could be now because of all the nice GRRIN folks. Thanks to all of you!


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