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Miracles do happen when you believe…and, I guess that is why they call me Miracle Milo.  Many times during my long life of about 14 years, I went searching for the perfect Golden, loving home.  But, last July it was very hot and I was very tired, hungry, and thirsty while searching for my Golden home.  Fortunately, some very nice people saw me and stopped to pick me up.  They gave me water and food and they cared for me.  I was taken to NHS where they took the collar off that was embedded into my neck and treated my sores.  NHS contacted GRRIN and everyone wholeheartedly accepted me…Milo…into their family.   GRRIN made me feel special, they even created my very own Facebook page…Miracle Milo.  Now, I have friends from all over the world who genuinely care and love me.   I am older, deaf, and have some difficulty getting around.  But, now I have real friends that visit me, kids who pet me, furry friends to play with and, of course, my entire GRRIN family who will always care about my well-being.   Miracles do happen…you just need to believe!

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(01/18/16) It’s a New Year and for me, Miracle Milo! I am doing fabulously. I continue to woo the hearts of all who meet me. But, with the New Year, people are also calling me… Curious George. That’s because I am so alert! I am always going around and looking to see what is going on around me. I don’t want to miss anything. And, sometimes, people call me Jack Rabbit. That’s because I love being outside, going for walks, and running and jumping in the snow. This is a wonderful time for me and I would love for you to come and meet me. I guarantee you that you also will be wooed by me when I come up to you and look at you with my big beautiful eyes!

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(10/30/15) Hey everybody, I’m still looking for my “furever” home!  I recently attended GRRIN’s Gold Rush event and I was a hit!  I wore a costume and even won a prize! My foster mom made me a Facebook page called Miracle Milo and you can read about my daily adventures there.  Here’s the latest post:

So friends, everyday my foster mom gives me a hunk of peanut butter with a cleverly disguised pill inside. These pills are magic. Today after three months of looking at the stairs to the basement and thinking no thanks… Today I said yes please! I am happy to share that my hips don’t lie and I can move like never before.

Milo - Gold Rush 2015

(7/22/15) Milo here!  I’m a “super senior”, which means I’m 14 years old and the doc says I’ve still got a few good years left to give a new family.  I started taking glucosamine tablets to help my old joints (I don’t do stairs) but I get a little boost now and then from my foster mom and dad when I try to stand up.  I really like my new Golden brother Zeus.  We will play for a bit and then I get to take a looooooong nap!  I should probably be in a home without young children because I’ve lost my hearing and I can startle easily.  I’m trustworthy in the house, get along with everyone, and just need an ear scratching now and then, so please consider giving me a new “furever” home.

Milo is a sweet senior surrendered to GRRIN via the Nebraska Humane Society.  He was a stray whose owner decided not to pick him up.  Milo is completely deaf and a bit slow to rise, but he loves to play with his younger foster brother and then take a nice long nap!

Meet and greet - Lincoln Petco 08 2015

Milo at a meet and greet with GRRIN dog Bogie!