15-17 Hank 15-17

Adopted by:
Harry Q

My name is Hank and I am a beautiful 4-year-old Golden who was looking for a new home last fall. I got hooked up with GRRIN and had a temporary home with Dave and his wife and 2 resident Goldens. I had never been a house dog, so you can imagine I had a lot to learn. I really enjoyed my time with them but due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to find a different place to live and it happened to be around Christmas time. It was the holiday time of year and it was a challenge for the nice people at GRRIN to find a home for me fast that I was happy in. Fast forward to the end of December when I finally found my perfect match. I was taken to Harry’s house and we were just what the other one needed. We have developed a mutual admiration society where I stare at him with love and affection and he does the same with me. He even wondered if he was given the wrong paperwork because he thought I was a perfect dog and I guess before I found Harry, I had a few irritating dog behaviors. Maybe it is because I am so relaxed and at home with Harry and his son, Steve. I have a huge back yard to play in where I love to retrieve stuff for Harry. I even get to go for a daily walk with Steve! I can’t tell you how happy I am now and am SO thankful to have found the perfect family for me.

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