15-19 Swayze 15-19

Adopted by:
Keith & Mary Lynn

Swayze came into our home just before Thanksgiving at 9 ½ months old at 80 pounds and is very much loved. He is settling into his permanent home very well. The big adjustment is that he still has a great deal of puppy in him despite looking full grown. He likes to pick up anything and everything (blankets, pillows, socks, jackets, towels, etc.) and carry it around or chew on it if he has time. He is with someone all the time and follows us wherever we go. It took Swayze two weeks to get used to his kennel at night and when we went to work, so it took some patience from his new family to endure some barking. Now he just goes right into the kennel at night and when we leave without any coaxing and just lays down with “no barking”. He feels very safe in his kennel and will lay in it to take a nap during the day with the door open.

He loves his new sister, Bailey, our 9-year-old golden. He always wants to play and Bailey plays until she gets tired. He has a lot of new toys to play with and he shares them well with Bailey. Energy definitely is not in short supply and they both love their needed 3-4 mile daily walks. This is giving Keith plenty of exercise too.

Swayze 15-19 Happy Tail 3

He also wants to play with our 4-year-old cat Mufasa and he is very gentle but very intrigued by the cat. Mufasa likes to lay and bat his paws at Swayze to play and then run and have Swayze chase him while he goes to hide.

Swayze starts obedience class in February. He does pretty well with “come”, “sit”, “leave it” and “heel”. Still working on down and stay.

We love having Swayze as part of our family. He has such a loving nature and a lot of energy. Bailey also has a lot more energy having Swayze in the family as she had been very lonely since losing 2 of our other goldens in 2015. We are one happy Frey family!

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