15-21 Chewie 15-21

Adopted by:
Charles & Michele

Chewie came into our lives just at the right time. He has filled a void, and filled our home with an energy that was missing when our Maggie Mae passed away at the age of 13 on Nov 23rd  . We received the call from GRRIN, and were able to take Chewie home on Dec 21st. We learned very quickly his favorite toy is a ball – doesn’t matter what kind. Our grandson Tyson loves to come over and play fetch & “give”. Chewie has settled in completely and learned the rhythm of our household. He has learned to walk at our side on a gentle leader leash instead of a retractable leash.  We can tell when Chewie is restless and needs his energy used when he starts to drag his bed throughout the house, so we say the word walk and Chewie will go to the basket where his leash is kept.  We are looking forward to Spring where we can get out more & more. He likes to lay on our covered patio and just take in the weather when nice. We also look forward to teaching him new skills and “constructive” things to do . He is way too smart not to keep him occupied. We can’t wait for to spend many, many years with this wonderful Golden.

Chewie Happy Tail -1 (2) Chewie Happy Tail -2