15-22 Toby 15-22


Hi there! I am so happy these days! I have found a furever home. I get to run around the yard and house and am starting to lose a little weight. My favorite thing is to be the first one down the stairs. Nobody better get in my way! Going on walks is fun, too. I like to stop and visit when other people are out. I am quite the social guy.

My favorite toy is my ball. I have to have the hard balls. I like to tear up soft toys. I love to push my ball under the furniture and then make mom and dad get it out for me. I will whine until they do! They have tried to teach me how to fetch the ball. I go after it, but don’t give it back. It’s mine, you know!

I got groomed the other day. I am such a handsome boy now. I can strut my stuff for everyone. I want to thank all the great people of GRRIN for finding me such a great home! I love it here!