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Babe here… Thanks, GRRIN, for finding me such a great home! I love it! I’ve been on a long journey to get here. Kathy is the perfect mom! She is sssoooo good to me!!! Traveling seems to be what I’ve done most of my adult life, so it is nice to settle in to a warm home and be loved.

I do like to ride in the car. She takes me to lots of neat places. These places have people to meet…I love it! We go on lots of walks, too. I even know the way to her sister’s house where my doggie friend lives. Play time for sure! The park is another great place to meet more four legged friends and kids, too. Kids are great! The more that are around, the better! I love the attention! My mom’s family has a cabin that I got to go to…now that was really fun!

I have been to the nursing home a couple of times to visit the residents. I hope I get to go back. They are so nice there! I get to be the center of attention. It’s all about me, you know!!!

Thanks again to all of the nice GRRIN folks!!! You rock!



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