16-04 Misty 16-04

Adopted by:
Alex V

When I arrived at my foster home I was a nervous wreck having abruptly left a loving family. My foster dad and the resident dog Lucky quickly became my best friends and the three of us became inseparable. I slowly broke out of my shell and showed everyone what a fun, loving, and sassy personality I have. After a few weeks my foster dad realized how much I loved him and Lucky and they knew loved me just as much back. My foster dad soon became my furever dad. With my new family I enjoy playing fetch, going on walks, riding in cars, playing with all my new pup friends, snuggling in bed with Lucky and my dad, and wrestling nonstop with Lucky. Lucky might be bigger than me, but I like showing him who’s boss! My favorite thing to do is ride in the car with my guys to my “Nana’s house” where I can get to run all over a huge yard and play with Lucky and my new family. Two months ago I was petrified when I arrived at my new home. Now, I’m the happiest girl in the world.

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