16-05 Ceasar (previously Caesar) 16-05


Ceasar came quickly into GRRIN as a surrender. I was contacted by Amanda, the foster coordinator, to see if I could take Ceasar on with short notice.  I was able and met Ceasar half way in Omaha on a Monday afternoon.

What a good boy he was right from the start. Ceasar and I hit it off right away. Our personalities meshed very well. He is very laid back and he would just like to be in sight of his human and if he can lean on me or lay beside me he is very content. When I was given the opportunity to keep Ceasar I took it without a second thought, but I felt a little guilty because he was such a good boy and well trained.

Ceasar loves to go on a W-A-L-K whenever he can and lets me know when it is our time to go out and take our daily W-A-L-K. Anyone he meets is his new best friend but he stays just as calm as if he had known them all his life. Everyone comments on what a good dog he is. He has a lot of new friends of the human and canine variety in the neighborhood.

Ceasar also loves to go on a ride to see the town whenever he can. But mostly he likes to be inside and just ‘be’. But, if there is an occasional treat involved, he is up for that with his tail flagging high and wide. (he gets quite a few of those! ;-))

Caesar 16-05