16-06 Cider 16-06

Adopted by:
Doris and Corky B.

Cider walked into our lives on May 7th, sat down, and immediately found her place in our home and hearts. She had lots of exploring to do both inside and out.

She loves her toys and likes to tease. She understands her commands and chooses to listen to most of them. She is a sweet little girl that makes it easy to be her friend.

She loves the outdoors and her favorite thing to do is sit at the doorway of the sliding glass door and look out on the world. She especially loves it if the door is open and her paws can be partially out the door.

Cider has a new boyfriend, Carson – our older rescue dog. They are becoming the best of friends.

Cider is sweet, kind, considerate, loving, loyal, happy – she is a true golden girl. We are very lucky to have her as a permanent part of our family.


Apple Cider 16-06