16-07 Tucker 16-07


Look at me… Tucker… not only am I good looking, but I now have a wonderful, good-looking family. Ken and Pam, and resident Golden Cali, just could not resist my good looks and active, friendly personality. They wanted to take me home immediately so they could introduce me to their family, friends, cats, and bird. I really impressed their family and friends, but the cats and the bird took awhile before they thought I was one cool dude.  I am so happy at my new home… I go for long walks, play with kids, have lots of toys to tear up (I’m working on being gentle with my toys), and, of course continuously playing ball. At the end of the day, Ken and I go downstairs to the “man cave” and just relax, chill out, snuggle on the chair, and maybe watch some sports on television. Life is Awesome. And I’m enjoying every minute in my new home with my new family.