16-11 Mollie 16-11

Adopted by:
Ken & Micky

Mollie is settling into her forever home beautifully. She is one of the
rescue dogs from Turkey and we often wonder what her life was like there.
Then again, maybe we wouldn’t want to know! We are very grateful to everyone
involved in saving these wonderful animals. Thank you all so much!

Mollie is learning voice and hand signal commands and is a quick
learner, especially when treats are involved. She loves her morning truck
rides to the lakes and her afternoon walks in the park. She also loves to be
groomed which is a good thing because she likes to shed. She has been
friendly with the neighborhood dogs and very happy to receive pets and
praise from the people she meets along the way….who could resist this

The only setback so far is at meal time, Ken and I are retired and
enjoy a few extra zzz’s in the morning. Miss Mollie thinks she should be
served breakfast promptly at 5:30 a.m. So far she is winning the battle.

After her rough start in life she has found forever love and a family
who thinks she is a true blessing.

Hello! It’s Mollie (but some people remember me as Sydney)!  I came all the way from Turkey last year and had great care by the GRRIN volunteers.  I was placed in a very nice home last summer, but I had trouble understanding whether the little girl or I ranked higher in the pack for attention and finger food. So, everybody thought a new home would be best.

I had been keeping some secrets from everybody: People thought I had been spayed in Turkey, but I started a heat cycle right after I got to the foster home.  Surprise! Not so!

A bladder infection was bothering me and a one inch toy ball had been bouncing around in my stomach for a while.  The GRRIN team took care of all those things with the vet (along with the spay), but now I’m good to go.  John, Patty and Jake (my foster dog brother) all think I have settled down now that I’m feeling better.

My foster family has gotten to know me, and John and Patty think I’m very smart.  I can open my crate all by myself (unless there is an extra lock on it).

I have opinions, and you will know about them when I share a few barks.  I do like to cuddle and sleep on the “people bed” at night.  Sign me up for any long walks!  I’m an enthusiastic protector of the yard to keep pesky squirrels and rabbits away.  Those critters hear me when I see them from the windows, too!  It was passed on that I don’t like fireworks or thunderstorms.  I stay in my comfy crate when the people leave for work.  As long as I get my Kong with a little peanut butter inside, I don’t really notice that they leave!

I had allergies and skin issues when I first came to the United States.  My diet requires grain-free, chicken-free meals and treats.  I get some Benadryl daily to help with the allergies, and I haven’t had any skin problems while in foster care.

My foster family thinks I would do best in a home with active adults or a family with older children who have had some experience with dogs.  What do I think about cats?  That is still one of my secrets.

“Speak!” and “Come!” if you think I’m the golden girl for you!


16-11 Sydney Happy Tail 3

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