16-14 Heidi 16-14

Adopted by:
Micah and Danielle, Bryn, Kaeta and Gavin

Remember me?  Heidi?  I am just letting everyone know that I am really happy these days.  I have found my furever family.  Mom and Dad, Danielle and Micah, have made me one of their own.  I feel like I have lived here a long time already.  I am a regular family member.  The twins, Bryn and Kaeta, love me sssooo much!!  They snuggle with me all the time.  I get lots of love and hugs.  Little Gavin, who used to be afraid of us 4 legged furry ones, loves to be licked a lot.  That makes me feel really good.  My heart is happy now.

I have some favorite things that keep me busy.  I love to chase squirrels.  Even though I am a big girl, I sure can move!  Someday, I might get one, you never know.  I also love old baseballs.  Gavin has some in his room and I love to sit and let Mom know that I want to play with them.  I know they are his but PLEASE…let me have one or two.  He has plenty to share.

I love my new family.  GRRIN, you are the best!


Heidi 16-14 happy tail




  • Adopted by: Micah and Danielle, Bryn, Kaeta and Gavin
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