16-17 Summer 16-17

Adopted by:
Judi, Rob and Amanda

Hello there, it’s me Summer. I’m the one on the right! To my left are some of my new family members: Judi, Amanda, Lexi, and Cody. I have experienced so many new and interesting things during the last two months. After staying with my wonderful foster family for a month, a family saw me and knew that they really wanted me to join their family. Now, I have my furever home with Judi, Rob, Amanda, and my two furry Golden siblings Lexi and Codi.

I have been going on daily walks, car rides, meeting new people and other furry friends. And, while I was playing in my back yard, I saw a rabbit and I chased it under a tree…it was so exciting and fun. I never knew that life could be so awesome. I am really fortunate that GRRIN took me into their family and gave me the opportunity to live a life filled with so much happiness and love with such a wonderful family in my furever home.