Cooper 16-19 (AKA Jupiter) 16-19

Adopted by:
Tasha, Traylor, and Brent S.

I have a sister! Yes I do. She is just a little older than me. We are the best of friends. Her name is Charlee. We play together ALL day long! She is a beautiful girl. She has shared her toys with me and everything! I even shared the ones that my foster parents gave me with her too.


I am an active boy. I love to go on walks. Charlee…not so much. My new mom and dad, Tasha and Brent, take me out a lot. It’s so great to get out and going. I am learning to be better in the house. The only thing that I still can’t stop doing is getting in the trash. I love the smells that come out of there!

My new favorite place to be is the bathtub. I was always afraid to go into it before. It took a bit on convincing from mom and dad, but now I love just being in there, even if it isn’t bath time!


GRRIN, you have made my life complete! Thanks so much. Your buddy, Cooper (AKA Jupiter).

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