16-21 Sammy 16-21

Adopted by:
Jim & Jean

Hi – Sammy here!  I am so happy to finally have my furever home. In December, Jim and Jean took me into their home.  I am making some adjustments, but settling in well.  I still do not like to be left alone, and on occasion I did not realize that Jean was still home when Jim left, but once I realized this, I settled down.  Jim is my best buddy and we go for daily walks.  There were a lot of people over during the holidays and I was not used to that, so I have to learn to be a better family member during those times.  But this will all take time.  I love my new parents and am grateful to them for adopting me and to GRRIN for helping me find them.  I am looking forward to this new year and wish every golden a loving, happy home like I have.


Hi – I am Sammy and I am about 8 years old.  I am a big boy, but so gentle you would not know it.

I am very easy going and love to be petted. I don’t really have any fears, but don’t like to be left alone and will voice my opinion by barking. But as soon as you come home, I am so very happy to see you and will forgive you for leaving immediately! I enjoy going for walks but don’t necessarily play a whole lot with toys. But I do love to wrestle with the boys! That is so much fun!

I am trustworthy in the house, although if my foster family is going to be gone a long time, they will kennel me. I really do not like the kennel and they have to bribe me to go in. But I have never had an accident in the house or destroyed anything when the family is gone.

My foster family is fun, but I really would like to find my forever home soon. I promise to love you and will be your constant companion. Please contact GRRIN and we can set up a meeting!