16-22 George 16-22

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George here, checking in with all of you wonderful GRRIN people.  Thanks to all of you for finding me a great home!  I love my new buddy, Scott.  I follow him everywhere around the house.  I even go up a couple of stairs at night to go to bed.  It does take me a few minutes to get there, but I do it!  I sleep right next to him on the floor.  I can’t get too far away…no way!

He taught me a new trick:  how to ring a bell to go outside.  Who said you can’t teach an old dog new things?  It didn’t take me long to learn it at all!

I also have a part time dog friend, Heidi, around.  She and I just hang out.  We are both a bit on the old side.  That is fine with me.  It is nice to have the company.  The best part is that I never have to leave!!!

Thanks everyone!


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