17-01 Cooper 17-01

Adopted by:
Jason & Margaret

2017 has been good to me! I got a new family and a new name. It turns out that there was another Cooper right across the street from my new home, so my family decided to change my name to Charlie. I like it! It fits me!

My new family is great! It includes a mom, dad, brother, sister and 2 cats to keep my company. I am learning my place in the family; I am the youngest one here. I am learning the rules and learn quickly. I know tricks; sit, lay down and shake. I am a bit strong willed. Sometimes I am told NO, so I have to stop doing whatever it is that I am doing. I guess it is part of learning. I am still a puppy you know. Chasing things is fun, especially bunnies and birds. I will keep this yard cleared out! Running helps me to burn off the energy I have. I also get to go on 2 mile run/walks a lot. That is fun!

My family is starting to trust me a little. They leave my crate door open for me to come and go when they are home and at night. I will even go in there and nap. They will even leave me free in the house for short times if they are gone. Maybe it is a test?  The only thing I really do wrong is to chew paper. I can’t help myself  I love paper! I really did chew up some homework.  The kids better put it all away  I still carry around their clothes that they leave out in the morning, but just in the morning. It is what I do.  It is my “thing”.

The cats are not hiding under the bed all the time now. They are starting to come out to see what I am all about. Some day we might be friends, who knows?

Thanks to GRRIN, Charlie is a happy boy!