17-08 Frankie 17-08

Adopted by:
Richard & Shirley & Layla

I can’t wait to tell you my story…I’m FRANKIE and I’m seven years old and some say I am a real charmer because of my laid-back personality and good looks. I basically was an outside Golden, but once I went to live with my GRRIN foster family, I learned reeeal fast how great it is to live indoors. I can lay on the floor with my new paw-sister Layla; I sleep in bed with my new human sister Lily; and, sometimes I can even play ball in the house. Recently, I went to a big lake and there were lots of kids to play with. I’m still “testing the water” you might say about going swimming. I have done so many new, fun things since living with my GRRIN foster family.  Remember me saying I’m a real charmer? Well, my foster family thought I was very charming and super special; so, they adopted me.  Now, I have a wonderful family to do so many fun things. I am soooo lucky to have such a wonderful new fur-ever home and family.