17-13 Tweeds 17-13

Adopted by:
Kip & JoAnne

Hello everyone,

Tweeds here, just wanted to give an update on how things are going with my forever family. I love my new home. Kipp takes me for walks twice a day. He would say I walk really well except when I see squirrels and or rabbits. Then let’s say I can get a bit excited! There is a Cat in my new home and his name is Max, we get along extremely well but sometimes Max likes to sleep in my bed. You would think that little Cat could find somewhere else to lay down, oh well. Kipp and I enjoy to snuggle up on the coach but do not think JoAnne is crazy about that. Funny recent story about JoAnne and I. A few weekends ago Kipp was out of town and one evening JoAnne let me out in back to play and go potty and she heard me barking and I would not stop. So JoAnne came out with flashlight to see what was going on. I was proud to show her the possum I had cornered by the fence, the look on her face said it all.