17-14 Duke 17-14

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Jovial Duke has found his home with Cathy and her husband and two kids. They waited patiently on the GRRIN wait list until just the right dog came along. Duke is happy to be that dog. Duke is a five-year-old male who enjoys life. He was placed with GRRIN when his original family found that Duke was bored and lonely and would venture into the countryside where he found ways to get into trouble (mostly with chickens). He is anxious during thunderstorms but his new family has several potential options for helping him through stormy times.

Duke adapted beautifully to foster care with foster dad Danny and loved the attention he received from Danny and the resident dog, Caesar. Duke enjoys other dogs, people, toys, food, and fetch and, most of all, wants to be included in family activities. He is just the kind of cheerful dog his adoptive family hoped for and Cathy reports that everyone loves him and keeps him exercised and entertained.