17-16 Ollie 17-16

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Hey everyone, this is Ollie! Just wanted to give you an update since I was recently adopted by Mark. Boy, things are going great for me. I have a wonderful backyard to run and play in and I get to go on plenty of walks. When GRRIN rescued me I have to admit I had a LOT of growing up to do, mostly on the behavior side. I can be pretty energetic (make that rambunctious!) and had to buckle down and learn how to be a happy but well-behaved dog. My foster dad and his Golden taught me so much and now look at me. I’ve landed in my forever home where I get to show-off my good manners and still have fun doing goofy stuff…like chasing my tail. Silly, right? Anyway, most of all, I love to be anywhere humans are and will even “hold” Mark’s hand to be sure he knows I’m right by his side. Thanks to GRRIN, that’s where I’m going to stay!

Ollie is a very handsome one-year old who’s ready to find a forever home. He is an active boy who’s usually on the go, loves to play with his toys and is always up for a walk. Ollie also loves people and won’t want his humans to be out of sight for long. Ollie can be a bit rambunctious, especially when other dogs are around and he’s ready to play. So, it might be best if he joins a household where he’s the only dog since he’s still working on being a mature Golden with good manners.