17-19 Rookie (now Doodle) 17-19

Adopted by:
Jim & Pam

Home sweet home. That is where I am! Jim and Pam love me, that’s what counts. I am learning how to be a better dog, they say. I am greeting guests nicer now than before. I am not eating things that I shouldn’t. That is a HUGE step for me!! I had a belly-full of stuff when I came to live with them and the vet had to help me get rid of it. That was not much fun.

Going on walks is fun. I am really glad that it is starting to get nicer out so we can go walking every day! The only thing that I am afraid of when we go walking is those metal manhole covers. I go a long way around them to avoid those things.  Why do they have to be in my way?

I love having all of my family so close by. Jim and Pam’s kids and grandkids live really close and come over a lot so I get to play with lots of people. It is so much fun!

Thanks to all my wonderful GRRIN friends who made it possible for me to find such a great home!!!