18-04 Avery (now Izzy!) 18-04

Adopted by:
Betty J.

Hi there, Izzy here! (My name used to be Avery, but Betty (my new person) said ‘new home, new name’ and Izzy is it!)  …Sometimes they call me ‘Dizzy Izzy!’ because I’m so darn happy and do this crazy-happy dance when my food is being put down. Too bad the newsletter can’t play videos!

I started out at Betty’s house as a foster, and while there had to get some bumps checked and my teeth cleaned. Rudy, the resident Golden Doodle was a little jealous of me, but we worked it out.

Then one night, Rudy and I got to help watch Betty’s great niece and we retrieved all the tennis balls the one year old could throw, didn’t freak when she crawled by us, didn’t run into her, etc. You’d think being a smart Golden, I would have caught on that ‘helping babysit’ was code for testing me to see how I was with the baby. Well, I passed that test easy-peasy!

I was so adorable, full of personality, well behaved, and good with the baby that my foster home became my forever home! And, we’ve all been pretty darn happy about it!  Well, Rudy still gets a bit jealous.  …I can carry two tennis balls in my mouth, but he can only carry one. He keeps trying but his mouth is too small. He just doesn’t get it and keeps trying!

Thank you to my original family who placed me with GRRIN, to GRRIN for taking me in, and to all the people who support GRRIN. I hope to see you at Gold Rush! I’ll be the Golden with the silly grin and a tennis ball nearby.