18-09 Snickers 18-09


Snickers…you might think that is a funny name for an eight-year-old Golden, but I am really getting used to that name. You see, somehow I got lost in the country amid cornfields, dirt, hot, and rainy weather. I didn’t remember what my name was because I didn’t have a collar on.

One day while I was just walking around in the country, a wonderful man saw me. He picked me up and took me home with him where he gave me water, food, and comforted me, and he named me Snickers. He tried to find who my owners were; but, no luck. He learned about this wonderful organization called GRRIN that rescues Goldens who are in my predicament. He contacted them and a lady came to pick me up and took me to a home where a wonderful couple just thought that I was the “sweetest boy.”

I was somewhat nervous and shy with all of the new surroundings, but with all of the attention and love I was getting, I thought…I am the luckiest Golden ever. My fosters, Megan and Ian, thought that I was really special and they adopted me. Now, I go for walks with them, go shopping, go to parks where there are a lot of other dogs, go camping, and I know that I won’t get lost and I will be going home with them.

Thank you GRRIN for giving me a chance to find and to be truly happy in my new home. I really like my new name, Snickers, because now I know that I am a very “sweet boy.”