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Update 01/22/2020

Hi, everyone. Buddy here. Just wanted everyone to know that on January 22, 2019 I was  officially adopted by my Foster Mom and we have had a wonderful year together and will have many more to follow.

When you find your furever home with someone who loves and cares for you the way my Mom does for me, you are both so very lucky to have found each other. And with the help of GRRIN, Jon, Sue, Pam, Kelly, and Patty, it was a match made in heaven. Thanks to each and every one of you who has played a part in our lives.

Happy Tail

Hi Everyone.

I have found my furever home with my new Mom, Jan.

I could not be happier. And neither could she.

She is retired and we are home together all the time.

We are pretty much bound at the hip.

We go for walks throughout the day. We go downstairs by the fireplace every morning and evening as I have met such great people who stop and have to make a big deal over me and everyone tells me what a good boy I am. (I already knew that though).

She took great care of me while I was recovering from both of my surgeries and I have to say I am so spoiled rotten. But oh, I really love it.

I have full reign of our apartment. I sleep in a huge king size bed for me to lay my head down every night with my own pillow. I have a huge overstuffed chair that is mine and it’s by a window and I get to watch people come and go.

My dinner is warmed up every morning and night in the microwave.

I love cooked carrots, bananas and apples which I get in moderation.

Life could not be any better.

We both are very happy and Mom tells me all the time how much she loves me and I never get tired of hearing it.

We will still be coming to the Meet and Greets to see everyone from time to time as these people are a part of our family.

I want to thank Jon, Sue, Patty & Pam for everything.

Love to all,


Hi all!  Buddy here. I bet you wonder what has been going on with me. I’ve been with GRRIN since August. I joined your group when my 2-legged Dad had to go into a nursing home really quick. I did not have anyone to take care of me. Some nice folks at the vet hooked me up with your group to find me a new home.

I started out with a nice family-Seth, Erika and little London. I stayed there for 3 weeks.  I even had 2 fur-doggies to hang around with. I was not used to being with other dogs.  That was a bit of an adjustment, but things worked out well.

In September, I moved to Jon and Sue’s house and was joined by 2 more fur-brothers.  I was getting used to that! They sure are all different! I still liked being around people the best. I saw a vet that said that I needed surgery on my eye. They called it a melanoma. Before I had the surgery, I went to a meet and greet and I met a lady named Jan. She fell in love with me. She wanted me to come and live with her while I recovered from my surgery. Jan had a nice quiet environment for me to recover in.  She would follow all the special instructions that the vet would give. I thought…ALL RIGHT! What a great lady! AND, she even wanted me to live with her forever! WOW!

It turns out that I will need another surgery in January or February to take a big lump out of my side and to clean my teeth. She will be great at taking care of me again. I sure love her! I sure hope that she gets to be my forever mom! She tells me what a good boy I am and that she loves me all the time. I sure love it here. Life couldn’t get any better!!

Until we speak again!


Buddy is eight-years-young and having a great time in his foster home. While in GRRIN he’s been treated for some medical issues but is doing well. Buddy’s foster mom has decided to adopt him, so stay tuned for his “furever” tale!