18-13 Marley (now Bailey J) 18-13

Adopted by:

Hi Everyone! I am Marley, but my new mom calls me Bailey J! I was adopted by Linda G. on a very wet Sunday in October, at the Gold Rush event in Bellevue.

I am so very fortunate – I have a 4-legged brother name Zach. We got along almost instantly. We love to run around the back yard, chasing each other, and playing tug of war.

I still have some basics to learn, but I am trying hard as I really want to please my new mom. My mom wants me to become a therapy dog, but right now my excitement level is too high. I need to learn to settle down before I can get involved with that.

I love to sleep with my mom – or maybe I just want her bed, as I scoot all the way over to her side, not leaving her much room. But I feel so loved I just want to snuggle with her.

I want to thank GRRIN, and particularly my foster mom, Kate, for taking me in and making me feel loved from the beginning!