18-19 Cooper 18-19

Adopted by:
Brian and Abby

Just hanging out with my toys!

Cooper here!

I L-O-V-E my new home. I have two awesome Golden brothers. Leroy is old and ignores me but the Crosby is almost the same age as me and we play all day long! (Even when our parents tell us to stop)

I was already a master at coming when called and sitting, but now I’m learning to lay down, stay, and “be gentle.” Not really sure what that means yet, but dad always tries to have me accept treats in slow motion instead of scarf them down. Annoying! But I’m getting the hang of it.

I love hanging out at the dog park, going on long walks, and cuddling with my brothers. Now that it’s summer time, I get to stay home with my mom all day. I heard she’s going to get out the puppy pool soon since I keep trying to hop in the bath and shower. Water is my favorite and I love that I can play all the time!

I sure am glad to be in my furever home.




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