19-04 Brody 19-04

Adopted by:
Paul & Sharon

Hi everyone, I’m Brody. For my entire life of five years, I was a breeder dog where every day was the same: nothing new, same living conditions day after day. Then one day everything in my life changed. People came and hugged me and told me everything will be fine. I went for a car ride which was kind of scary for me. Then I went to a house where there were steps (yikes!); there were clean bowls with food in them where I could eat; a blanket and pillow where I could lay down and sleep; and toys that I could play with; and they gave me my name…BRODY. My foster dad and mom, Paul and Sharon, just thought I was exceptional…they were amazed how gentle and loving I was and how well I adapted to my new environment. Within days, they knew I was the Golden they were looking for to adopt and to become a family member and a companion to their resident Cocker Spaniel, Toby. And you know…all of these wonderful changes in my life happened in just 30 days. I am so thankful to all of the dedicated GRRIN volunteers who were so determined to make my life so special and wonderful. I hope I can see all of you again so I can give you a big hug.