19-05 Auggie 19-05


Hi everyone, this is Auggie! Just wanted to check in and let you know how I’m doing since moving to my wonderful, forever home. I hardly know where to start. You may remember I was a retired breeding dog rescued by GRRIN earlier this year. I was so fortunate to have an incredible foster dad who, along with his resident Golden (also a GRRIN dog, of course!), helped me go from being a shy guy to a happy, confident dog who now enjoys life to the fullest. Since being adopted by Dave, Sharyn, Charlie (their resident Golden), and another canine buddy, Ham, my world has opened up even more. Dave, Sharyn (and Charlie) hit the road many times this summer traveling to their son’s college baseball games to places like Madison, WI and Topeka, KS and guess what, I also went along. All the players got to know me and looked forward to seeing me on the sidelines! Wow! Apparently it’s just the beginning of many fun trips to come. I can’t wait! When we’re not taking road trips (did I mention we sometimes stopped for ice cream?!), we take daily 3-mile walks around our neighborhood and I was especially happy to keep Charlie company when she needed exercise to rehab after surgery for a torn ACL. And, I bet it wouldn’t surprise you that we make friends everywhere we go. What can I say? I’m just another GRRIN success story. I’m so lucky GRRIN and my new family found me and gave me the happy, loving life I deserve.

Photo caption:

Auggie on couch between Sharyn and Dave. Charlie in foreground.