19-14 Benny 19-14

Adopted by:
Torin & Kelsey
Our sweet Benny boy has been the best addition to our family! We can’t imagine our life without his never ending energy and affectionate kisses. Benjamin enjoys exploring the neighborhood and then flopping himself on the kitchen tile to cool off after. Ben likes to stay hydrated and reminds us that he’s around with wet floors and deep burps after a good long drink. He’ll do anything for a treat and has begun to spin in circles and roll over if we even look like we might give him a crumb of anything. Benjamin has also decided that it’s necessary to bark at himself in the mirror just in case it’s really another dog looking back at him. He’s become much more talkative and sounds more and more like Chewbacca with all his sound effects during play! Benny sighs deeply to let us know when he’s content and has decided there’s no better place to sleep than on top of any vent he can find. He’s turning us into early risers with all his energy to get the day started. We love our sweet boy and still can’t believe he is ours to keep! GRRIN made our family complete and we are so lucky! He’s the best boy and we love him so much. We are so so grateful to GRRIN for bringing this handsome doggo into our lives. We may never pee alone again and personal space no longer exists, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Torin and Kelsey