19-16 Charlie 19-16

Adopted by:
Bill & Chris

I’m one of the many breeder dogs that were rescued by GRRIN this year. I’m also one of the many Charlies. But, make no mistake, I’m unique. I really was lucky that I got the best foster home. Marley and Marco taught me how Golden Retrievers are supposed to act. Tori, Jeff, and their family taught me that people can be trusted. The best part was that I got to sleep with my friend, Jonathan.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Bill and Chris lost their last GRRIN dog over a year ago and were finally ready for a new member of the family. After meeting me, they decided I was the perfect dog for them. I’ve been a little nervous because Marley and Marco aren’t here to show me what to do any more. I’m learning that Bill and Chris love me and that I can trust them. I follow them from room to room and they give me lots of attention  I also just went on my first visit to an assisted living home where everyone loved me. I was a perfect boy and let them all pet me and tell me stories about the dogs they’ve had. I think I’ll be going there a lot. It’s going to take me a while to get really comfortable, but I’m having fun with my new family.