19-17 Jack 19-17

Adopted by:
Glenn & Linda
Hey Everybody,
My name is Jack and I want to tell you about my wonderful experience thanks to the great folks at GRRIN. I was surrendered because of changes within my family structure and we had to move to an apartment. Well, my other mom knew I was too BIG for an apartment so she gave me up to GRRIN. GRRIN found me a great foster family who got me ready to go to my forever family. Rick and Joy helped me settle down and I got to hang with their dog, Sadie. Sadie was really chill, but I wish she would have played with me more!!
Anyway, I met the Carlsons and really liked them! They have two girls in high school that love to give me attention (especially the younger one, Erin – I get to sleep in her room!). They also have a very tiny dog, Coco. She only weighs 13 pounds, but I don’t think she realizes how small she is. The first few days she would get in my face and tell me what to do! What nerve! I used my good manners and just kind of ignored her and now we actually play and run around the house. It’s really fun – but she’s so quick I can never catch her! I really like it here – everyone loves to give me ear rubs and belly rubs. I get to go for car rides a lot and since I’m on a “weight reduction” program, I go for several walks a day which I actually enjoy. I weigh over 100 pounds (I told you I was big) and I guess I’m supposed to try to lose 20 pounds. Whatever! At least I get some green beans in my dinner bowl and when I’m a good boy I get yummy carrots for my reward. I think that’s pretty cool! I guess that’s all for now – gotta go chase Coco. Tell all your friends how great GRRIN is!