19-18 Annie 19-18

Adopted by:
Jane & Jacque

Just in case you are wondering, it is true, there is love at first sight and some stories really do have a happy ending.

Recently when my owner realized I was too much for him to manage he turned to GRRIN. I am so happy he trusted GRRIN and they have certainly done right by me.

I am around 8 years old, but I see no need to bother with numbers. As is usual, when GRRIN takes a dog into their care they take them to a vet to confirm there are no health problems. I am a big girl, no doubt about that. Did you know that it is not uncommon for Goldens to have thyroid problems? GRRIN does. A check of my thyroid was one of the things GRRIN asked to be done. I found out my thyroid isn’t working as it should. I have been started on thyroid medicine, which helps me not feel so slowed down and it may help me lose some weight.

Being overweight causes problems for us Goldens. For me one problem it caused was trouble moving around. It was hard to get up and down and moving was uncomfortable. The vet noticed this and got me started on some medication and joint supplements so I can move about more comfortably. The other thing that was done were x-rays of my ankle, it was swollen and tender. The x-rays were concerning and that lead me to having a sample taken of the swollen area.  I am happy to tell you that sample showed I have arthritis, and no cancer as they initially suspected.

With that all behind me GRRIN gave the go ahead for me to be adopted. Guess what, my foster family loved me so much they asked to adopt me. Sometimes it is joked that when a foster family adopts they have failed fostering. I see it is a big win since I don’t need to adjust to one more move. I am over the moon about being able to stay with Jane, Jacque, Lady Bug and Pip.  I love being part of my new human and canine family.