19-21 Rocky 19-21

Adopted by:

It’s Rocky here and I feel like a completely new, two-year old Golden. Being a breeder dog I really didn’t have much exposure to life experiences: playful fur-friends; toys; car rides; social events; and humans who showered me with affection. But, when GRRIN came and picked me up and took me to my foster home, I knew that my forgotten dreams came true. My foster parents, Jon and Sue, made sure I was always comfortable and felt secure. My foster fur-siblings, Harley and Bear, taught me how to play with toys and run free around the yard. We went to so many places and met so many people who would say…”I want to adopt Rocky.” I really didn’t know what that meant until I met a terrific man, Gregg, who said he would really like to adopt me and give me my fur-ever home. WOW, my very own fur-ever home….how great is that! And then, it happened…Gregg adopted me. Now, I have my own yard to run around in; we go for daily walks and meet our neighbors and other fur-friends; go for car rides; and, the best time is in the evening when I get to cuddle up close on the sofa with Gregg. I definitely would say with my big, brown eyes…LIFE IS GOOD!