19-23 Russell (Formerly Oreo) 19-23

Adopted by:
Amy & Nolan C. and kids Graham and Flynn

Yes, my name is Russell. A very fine name it is. It used to be Oreo. My new family changed it because it fit me better. I turned 2 in June. I am still very much a puppy. I love to play and romp around with the kids and other dogs. I do tear up toys so I get mostly bones to play with and chew on.

I love to go on car rides. I am really good in the car. I have good leash skills. I walk well when it is on me. Sometimes Mom and Dad will put it on me to calm me down when I am in the house. I guess it puts me in working mode.

I found something I really like recently! I love to put my head in the shower when someone is in there! It is so fun! There is a picture of me that mom took. I look so cute!

Thanks to my GRRIN foster family, Amy, Nolan, Graham and Flynn for becoming my permanent family! I am so very happy to be included in their lives!