19-24 Mollie Sue 19-24


Hi there! Mollie Sue here just wanting to tell you about my fabulous forever home with Mario and Linda! This is the BEST place ever! I spent almost all my life out on a farm having babies and then I somehow got away from that life and spent a little bit of time with a different family, but we all knew that the perfect home was just around the corner and sure enough, there were Mario and Linda, ready to give me the best life EVER!

We had a big C-word scare when I first got here, but I had two operations and the doctors were able to take care of everything and now there are no troubles with that terrible thing (not to mention, no more babies). I even got my teeth cleaned and bad ones pulled. Now I’m even MORE kissable!

I have a huge bed that is all mine and I even have my own pillow! I surround myself with all these great things they call “toys!” I never played with toys before and it’s the best. Sometimes I get to take a few of them outside, but then I have to bring them in so they don’t get so yucky, but that’s okay because I love playing with them inside, too.

Mario and Linda treat me like a queen and I just love them so much! I am so happy to finally be HOME! Thank you, GRRIN for helping me get to the perfect family. We’re all so happy! Mario and Linda sometimes bring me to GRRIN meet-n-greets, so maybe I’ll see you at one! Come say “Hi” and I’ll let you know just how great it is to get adopted into LOVE!