19-25 Boomer 19-26

Adopted by:
Ralph & Kari

Hi everyone! This is Boomer. I am loving my new home. My new golden brother, Seeger, is old like me. We are both hang-arounds. I do like to go outside and play. I have more energy than Seeger has and I am actually a little bit older than he is. No one can believe that I am really 13 years old! He has more arthritis than I do, and since I joined the family, he has gotten up and around and started moving better! We go and chase bunnies when we see them. I am helping him! What a great guy I am! I have become a velcro dog with my new dad, Ralph. I even sleep by his side of the bed in my special bed. I can’t enough of our time together.

Thanks to Julie, Mike, and by fur-buddies Gunner and CJ for taking such good care of me while my furever home was found!

Thank you GRRIN!!!